-Events on a regular basis, weekdays
- Small sessions (up to 10 participants) last around 1,5 hours
- Open sessions (10 or more participants) last around2,5 hours
- Single sessions on request


-All-day (about 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.) or multi-day event
- Up to 15 participants

-Intense experience of body, voice, sound, community

-Workshops may focus on different themes (e.g. sounds, vowels, harmonies, listening…)

Business Workshops:

- VoiceWork as an event for companies

-Increase of self-confidence through the conscious use of the voice
-Training of self-awareness: How do others see me? What is my place within a group?

- Higher awareness of group dynamics

- Easy to use body and breath exercises to calm down, relax, focus and increase productivity in everyday professional life

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