Body - and VoiceWork

What is VoiceWork?

In classical singing – both single lessons and choral singing – we often aim to optimize the vocal technique in order to produce a “nice” sound. Therefore, many aspects and functions of the voice (e.g. noises or certain timbres) are being categorized as “wrong” or “unwanted”. The voice, and the person who expresses themselves with it, undergo an evaluation, which sometimes feels unsettling. For some people, this experience can be intimidating and discourage them from further exploring singing, their voice and their own potential.

When we were little children, we all sang. It was a natural expression of our feelings. Many of us were told at some point that they can't sing, and they still believe so. But the truth is: If you can speak, you can sing.

In my work, I create a safe space to discover and explore your voice in a playful manner, and to free its potential. Non - judgemental and free of the obligation to sound “nice”. In this room, you’re invited to be yourself, however you may feel in the very moment, and to give an individual, personal expression to this feeling.
Tones,noises and sounds of all kind are equally welcome. Yawning, sighing, grunting, squeaking, singing, humming, screaming, hissing...All of them are part of the universe of the voice – just as “positive”and “negative” feelings and characteristics are part of every human personality.

Creating community experiences is another essential part of my approach. Singing brings people together. When a group of people sings a tone, they all are literally "on the same wavelength".