About me

I‘m here to accompany people on their path of personal growth and transformation.
Imagine you want to climb a mountain that has never been climbed before. That mountain is in a foreign country, in the wilderness, in the jungle.There‘s no travel guide that you could take with you, because no one has ever been there.
The person you choose to come with you is somebody who speaks both the language of that country and your own mother tongue. Somebody who has spent a lot of time in the jungle and has climbed many mountains. Even though this person doesn‘t know the path (because no one knows it), they will quickly adapt to the new terrain, suggest paths, spot difficulties and point out important details. Nevertheless, it is your decision which paths you choose to walk, and if you keep going, stay or turn back.
I‘m like this person you‘re taking with you. I‘m not a Guru, nor a teacher or a guide. I‘m a companion. You climb your mountain yourself – I accompany you, am open and observing, pointing out chances, challenges and possibilities.
I studied music education and conducting, and have been working with singing people since 17 years. When my voice broke at the age of twelve, I had a very unpleasant experience singing in front of other people. For years after that, I didn‘t want to sing at all. It was only during my studies that I overcame my feelings of shame regarding my own voice and slowly rediscovered it.
I‘ve come to realize over time how powerful singing is and what it can do for people – the positive effects that it has on emotions as well as mental and physical health and wellbeing. I had the opportunity to witness how people formed communities through the work with their voices. I‘ve seen people who weren‘t able to speak and didn‘t recognize their own children, but when they heared a song, they raised their voice and sang along with it. I frequently heared singers say that they like to come together and sing, no matter how much stress they have at their job – especially because it helps them to relax and calm down.
I firmly believe that all people are born to sing, and that singing is in our nature.